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Our mission is to maintain our standing in the industry as the leader by providing a cost effective solution that will best fit the client’s requirements based on independent and objective Engineering, irrespective of product supplier alliances.


Our philosophy is that the best outcomes are achieved when there is mutual understanding of the goals and objectives of the client, contractor, suppliers and all employees. We will continue pioneering   new technologies throughout our projects to improve the performance, reliability and functionality of our systems, thus maintaining our competitive advantage as we deliver projects of excellence.


Through this process the completed project is to withstand the test of time throughout the life of the system, resulting in a customer willing to engage in repeat business.


PAT Kruger SI LLC was established with a vision to be the best in the industry and to provide the customer state of art services round the clock, 7 days a week.


PAT Kruger SI LLC is a leading technology company which has been based in United Arab Emirates having Engineers with more than a decade of experience in the Middle East.


Consistent with our business of sourcing, installing and ensuring availability of highest quality safety, Security and Control systems from Germany with competitive pricing, we have a powerful commitment to construction and heavy duty machinery industry.


PAT Kruger SI LLC attributes much success to a comprehensive sales force that is in contact with key customers.



At PAT Kruger SI LLC we stand besides every product we sell, and provide guarantee on its quality. Like the finest names we represent in the industry.


PAT Kruger SI LLC is also committed to take care of our client’s interests. Our reputation on the engineering assistance to the clients is well known.